Waterman Survival Extended Puerto Rico 2016!


13 Apr Waterman Survival Extended Puerto Rico 2016!

Congratulations to the recent students in the FII WSE course in Rincon, PR.  Big thanks to Taino Divers Captain Greg Carson and his staff at the dive shop in Rincon.  Greg Carson has been a long time supporter, trained FII student and ambassador of the FII programs.  His experience and knowledge of the local area provide my students and I with an excellent and safe training environment to make the whole experience both challenging and rewarding.
Tony Dooley is also a huge part of the courses in PR and other destination classes.  Tony was in the original WSE class in PR with Greg Carson in PR.  His freediving ability and eye for taking photos that embrace the essence of the course have been a huge value in sharing this experience with others.
I love teaching this course and sharing the FII training with new students.  Students of all levels from beginners to experienced watermen and women get connected and trained properly.  The personal bests, the long breath holds, the depths reached and the smiles on students’ faces when they realize what they are capable of attaining are rewarding in every way.
As I travel from Puerto Rico, to the FL Keys, to the BVIs and back up the east coast to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the northeast…these courses are connecting like minded water people.  Getting trained properly is the first step to becoming better educated on safety, technique and equipment. My training courses will elevate your awareness of your own ability to hold your breath safely and confidently in whatever sport you pursue in the water.