Waterman Survival Extended in Rincon, PR 2015!


18 May Waterman Survival Extended in Rincon, PR 2015!


Congratulations to all the students of the recent Waterman Survival Extended Course in Rincon, PR!  A huge thanks to local dive shop owner Greg Carson at Taino Divers for helping coordinate logistics and promote the course locally in Puerto Rico.

Fellow instructor Alex Llinas and I truly enjoy teaching this course and it’s a pleasure to bring this training to the community of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  As we enter into the third full season bringing the FII training to PR, we invite watermen and women to take advantage of this opportunity in future courses.

Students come from all walks of life and with various experience levels in the water.  Regardless of experience, the value of the training makes a significant difference in students’ knowledge, confidence, technique and most importantly safety!  In a matter of days, students will understand how their bodies react underwater and truly understand the symptoms and signs associated with hypoxia.  Knowledge and training will provide each athlete with the preparation and hands on skills to become safer and more efficient freediving.

For individuals interested in both freediving and improving their breath hold during hold downs or possible breath hold related emergencies, this course combines two courses into one!  Get trained properly and earn real experience during this amazing course!   Enjoy and excel in the sport you pursue safely and efficiently.

FII trained spearfishing guide and photographer Anthony Dooley will be in the water taking photos throughout the class.  Join us for the next adventure and the ultimate training experience in the next class in June!  Go to www.watermansurvival.com and register now for the June 26-28 class in Islamorada, FL.