Extended Course in the FL Keys!


06 Jul Extended Course in the FL Keys!

Congratulations to the students of the recent Waterman Survival Extended Course in Islamorada, FL! In just three days of intense training, students learn the physiology, safety procedures for breath hold training and the proper technique for being efficient, safe and confident to reach depths of 20m/66′ and breath holds of up to 3:00 minutes! The Waterman Survival Extended Course combines the Level 1 Freediver Course with the more advanced Waterman Survival training that can be applied to any athlete who wants to become more comfortable in the water. Students realize their potential and really grasp why it’s absolutely essential to know the safety procedures associated with breath hold training. Students also discover where they stand as a trained freediver and what realistic goals that can shoot for after the course. This course included beginners, experienced spearos, surfers, kiteboarders, swimmers and students from 17 years of age to 53 years old. This training works so effectively for those who can open their minds, trust in the training and believe that freediving is truly a natural activity for us!