Spearfishing Offshore North Carolina

17 Jun Spearfishing Offshore North Carolina

This past weekend was an incredible day offshore along the North Carolina coast.  The ocean was calm, top to bottom visibility, great spearfishing, lots of curious sharks and good company.

It’s a great comfort to know and trust a good dive buddy.  Our crew of Chris “Pookie” Brooks, Bruce Mock and Greg Ezzel made for a fun and safe day freediving.  Bruce and I landed these two Cobias near the 12 mile range on a ledge.  We had two great safety divers at the surface while Bruce and I fought the fish.

Later that day, we headed further offshore to Frying Pan Tower where we found epic conditions and crystal clear waters.  The crew harvested rainbow runners and we shot lots of video of the local sharks.

Chris Brooks is an FII Level 1 and Level 2 trained freediver and Bruce Mock and Greg Ezzell are on board for a private course later this summer.  Always great to freedive with safe divers!