Rincon, Puerto Rico Waterman Survival Extended Course!


04 Jan Rincon, Puerto Rico Waterman Survival Extended Course!

Wrapped up the 2015 season with an amazing FII Waterman Survival Extended Course in Rincon, PR. Students attended from the U.S. and Puerto Rico with a wide variety of experience. Big wave surfers, surf instructors, spearfisherman, captains, sailors, and beginners. The great value of this class is that it brings all levels of athletes together in one safe and challenging training environment. Students establish buddy teams and connect throughout the training. Photographer and FII trained freediver Anthony Dooley shoots all footage throughout the class. His eye for capturing the essence of the training is remarkable. Captain Greg Carson of Taino Divers in Rincon, PR provides the offshore training support with his boats and his staff. Greg is also a certified L1, L2 and Waterman Survival Extended graduate.

Good to see qualified students from previous classes out on the line with us during the course. Michael Vicens, Patrick Wetzel and Danse Mulvihill are certified FII students dropping far beyond the L1 depths and using direct supervision leading by example in the water. Stoked to see my students applying their knowledge and skills and improving with each drop.

Every student achieved new personal bests in the pool and the ocean. Many students attaining 3 minute breath holds, 66’/20m dives and solid extended performances in the dynamic pool training….far beyond what they thought possible before the class.

As a an instructor and a teacher, it gives me great joy to see the looks on the faces of these talented athletes when they realize what they just accomplished and how very realistic their goals have become.

I’ve got a great line up for Level 1 Freediver and Waterman Survival Extended Courses for 2016. Check out my site at www.watermansurvival.com to see posted public courses in Puerto Rico, Islamorada, FL, the Carolinas and select private courses. Come train with my crew and I and see what the buzz is all about with Waterman Survival classes. It’s crucial information and skills needed to stay safe in the water and improve your comfort level during emergency situations. Learn how to freedive properly and apply essential safety procedures confidently.

Next Waterman Survival Extended Course available is in Rincon, PR Feb. 25-28 and Islamorada, FL March 17-20.