Level 2 Freediver Course in Rincon, PR!


11 May Level 2 Freediver Course in Rincon, PR!

It’s a great thing to see my students take the training from Level 1 Freediver and Waterman Survival Extended course and apply what they’ve learned with time in the water after the course.  The confidence and comfort becomes more natural and consistent with time.  Last week in Rincon, PR instructor trainer Errol Putigna made the trip down to host the FII Level 2 Freediver Course along with fellow instructor Alex Llinas and I.

All students in this training took my Level 1 or Waterman Survival Extended Course last season.  Each student had applied the training in their lifestyles to be both mentally and physically prepared for the L2 training.  It’s so important to use the training tools provided in these courses and practice after the course.

Students in the Level 2 course learned just how important the proper technique learned in the Level 1 course made for a solid foundation for advancing beyond 20m, 30m and for some up to 40m/132′.  All the students learned how to properly safety their buddies diving beyond 20m and equalize using Frenzel technique.  Students were trained on proper breathing techniques/exercises and on the physics in freediving beyond 20m and up to 40m/132′.

Thanks to Taino Divers in Rincon, PR for helping support the training with classroom/boat and promoting the training in PR with Foundation Freediving.  Big thanks to Errol Putigna for helping make this Level 2 course happen for my students in PR!  Your professionalism, teaching style and experience provided our students with an exceptional class.  Thanks to Alex Llinas for assisting in the L2 class.

Congratulations to all the students of the FII L2 Freediver Course on their performances and new personal bests in the pool and ocean!  Apply what you’ve learned again, stay safe and humble and enjoy the sport of freediving!