20 Jun Spearfishing Yellowfin Tuna in Panama

Here's a clip of the footage shot by Anthony Dooley @el_squid of my drop spearfishing for yellowfin tuna in Panama.  What an awesome experience chasing dolphin and dropping in on huge schools of fish.  What an amazing experience with a great group of friends and...

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11 May Level 2 Freediver Course in Rincon, PR!

It's a great thing to see my students take the training from Level 1 Freediver and Waterman Survival Extended course and apply what they've learned with time in the water after the course.  The confidence and comfort becomes more natural and consistent with time.  Last...

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06 Jul Extended Course in the FL Keys!

Congratulations to the students of the recent Waterman Survival Extended Course in Islamorada, FL! In just three days of intense training, students learn the physiology, safety procedures for breath hold training and the proper technique for being efficient, safe and confident to reach depths...

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17 Jun Spearfishing Offshore North Carolina

This past weekend was an incredible day offshore along the North Carolina coast.  The ocean was calm, top to bottom visibility, great spearfishing, lots of curious sharks and good company. It's a great comfort to know and trust a good dive buddy.  Our crew of Chris...

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15 Mar Waterman Survival Class Wilmington, NC

Congrats to the students of the Wilmington, NC FII Waterman Survival Course!  Surfers, rescue divers, lifeguards and spearfishermen came together to train on proper buddy supervision, safety skills, static apnea and dynamic apnea drills. Learn the signs and symptoms of hypoxia and how your body reacts...

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