17 Jun Spearfishing Offshore North Carolina

This past weekend was an incredible day offshore along the North Carolina coast.  The ocean was calm, top to bottom visibility, great spearfishing, lots of curious sharks and good company. It's a great comfort to know and trust a good dive buddy.  Our crew of Chris...

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15 Mar Waterman Survival Class Wilmington, NC

Congrats to the students of the Wilmington, NC FII Waterman Survival Course!  Surfers, rescue divers, lifeguards and spearfishermen came together to train on proper buddy supervision, safety skills, static apnea and dynamic apnea drills. Learn the signs and symptoms of hypoxia and how your body reacts...

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21 Feb Invest In Your Passion

I've always had a genuine passion and natural comfort being underwater as a kid and an adult.  My curiosity to explore the unknown and interact with the underwater world has always kept me driven and eager to learn, explore and connect with this mysterious world...

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04 Jan Refresher Training in 2015

Refresher training and practice sessions will be available this spring in North Carolina and Virginia.  Stay current with your training and maintain your skills and confidence for continued safe and efficient freediving.  The first practice session of the spring will be at Lake Rawlings in...

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