Waterman Survival is a breath hold training organization, led by FII instructor Joe Sheridan. Waterman Survival offers professional and experienced training for students who want to improve their comfort level in the water on a breath. Joe teaches the FII Level 1 Freediver Course, the Waterman Survival pool and classroom course, and the ultimate Waterman Survival Extended Course. All courses start with classroom training, immediately followed by extensive pool training. This ensures students get plenty of opportunity for hands on training prior to open water sessions. The ocean training provides students with a realistic environment that simulates real life scenarios. This step by step process creates a safe, comfortable, and effective foundation for breath hold training.

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About Joe Sheridan

Joe has always had a genuine passion for exploration and the water.  Joe has been SCUBA diving since he was a teenager and became a PADI Divemaster in 2005.  Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from North Carolina State University.  After college Joe served as an Infantry Officer in US Military. Joe runs a sales rep agency in the surf/outdoor/snow industry.

In 2006, Joe took a freediving course in Florida and was immediately hooked on breath hold diving.  Joe continued to take advanced level freediving courses and compete in spearfishing tournaments and freediving competitions, eventually becoming a freediving and waterman survival instructor with FII. Joe’s background and experience provides a unique and comfortable learning environment for students of all skill levels.  Joe’s passion for teaching this course shows in his style for an incredible learning experience.

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Fascinated by travel and life below the surface, Anthony Dooley began as a surf photographer in the late 90s. Since then, he has traveled through much of western Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America documenting cultures and lifestyle. Anthony’s current work consists of freediving, spearfishing and general underwater photography. Presently based in Rincon, Puerto Rico, Anthony owns and operates The Uncharted Studio – an environmentally conscious screen-printing outfit, works as staff photographer for Joe Sheridan’s FII Waterman Survival Training and serves as a spearfishing guide with Spearfishing Panama and Spearfishing Puerto Rico.
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Dr. Danse Mulvihill grew up on a sailboat in the Florida Keys. She could swim before she could walk and has been lobstering, spearfishing, and diving from an early age. Her love for adventure and the underwater world was only amplified when she started training with Joe Sheridan’s Waterman Survival and Freedive training.   She is FII Level 1 and Level 2 Freediver certified and Waterman Survival certified. Dr. Danse is a chiropractor and provides coverage for private clients, concierge chiropractic services for destination Waterman Survival classes, remote locations without chiropractic availability, and various other special event services. She applies professional and trained services that cater to the needs of each patient.  Many of the students in the Waterman Survival courses receive helpful adjustment techniques that can help with equalization issues and breathing mechanics.

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About Alex Llinas

Alex’s love for the sea originated on the small island of San Andres off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America where he grew up. His father, introduced him to the ocean weeks after birth and raised him with a passion for all activities involving the salt water. As a young man his family moved to the US but unfortunately for Alex he wasn’t near the coast. Always seeking a silver lining, he embraced the land-locked lifestyle and became an excellent snowboarder and bmx/mountain biker amongst many other active hobbies. Fortunately for him, Wrightsville Beach, NC became home where surfing, diving and windsurfing soon reclaimed Alex’s free time. Alex completed the Freediving Instructors International Level II certification course with multiple world record holder Martin Stepanek 8 years ago and an experience that would shape his life forever. He is a seasoned freediving instructor and hosts certification classes around the world including Level I Freediver, Waterman Survival and Basic Freediver Safety. Alex holds a degree in Engineering from NC State University and is a certified Professional Engineer. Alex is a talented athlete and waterman spending much of his time spearfishing, freediving, surfing, windsurfing and training for various endurance races.

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About Captain Greg Carson

Greg Carson is originally from Texas but he has traveled the world as a big wave surfer, sailor and explorer. His passion for adventure and life outside the box has earned him decades of experience on the water as a captain, fisherman, spearfisherman and surfer. “Carson” is the owner of Taino Divers in Rincon, PR and was in the original Waterman Survival Extended Course taught in Puerto Rico. He’s a great example of a true waterman with decades of experience who humbly wanted to learn more and take the training. Since that first course back in 2012, Carson has been instrumental in spreading the good word and being a significant part of the experience while training in Puerto Rico. Captain Greg Carson is at the helm for all classes in Puerto Rico and he’s a graduate of the FII level 1. Level 2 and Waterman Survival Extended Courses. His passion is surfing and his training learned in the Waterman Survival courses has helped him continue to elevate his performance and comfort level even during the heaviest surf conditions and always humble. Once you meet Carson, you’ll never forget and he will always put a smile on your face.

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